Monday, 23 January 2017

Yoga for upper and lower back

Preview of the 30 min session for your back  plus sitting.

Full class below

Yoga is more than a physical exercise but it is fully a good exercise if done well.

So how is it more? It is a way of meeting the unity of your spirit and discovering the inner world of peace beyond the ego self, the desires of life and the distractions of the mind.

In this session I discuss the link between Yoga and the duality of this and that here and there and the trinity of 3.  There is much more to discuss than in the video but I just touch on it here.

How to purchase class via a Youtube link


  • Pay online and put your name on the details 
  • Send by email to the proof of payment with your name 
  • Gerard will send you the link to the full class in the next days. mob 61 407734479 if you need to talk.

Pay by bank account
  • Go to contributions tag on the right of the screen for details of my bank account to pay into.
  • Make a deposit and send by email Gerard proof of sale
  • Gerard will send you the link via email

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