Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Wild Lotus - Tai Chi

with Gerard Menzel
Masters Asia Studies Memb.Tai Chi Aust, Artist
Gerard has studied since 1981 Yang, Chen and Wu forms overseas including in China and directs the Wild Lotus school; see website Founding President Tai Chi Assoc SA see;

Starting with the fundamentals of the forms including;
Suitable for beginners and non beginners.
We study ; Tai Chi and Chi Kung exercises to prepare for Yang Tai Chi Form.
What is Chi , the martial art understanding of the forms.

Private + Group classes or workshops

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Change your energy and world view.

Bring peace into your life with daily discipline and practice of a tai chi form.  Just 20 minutes a day can bring changes and a positive attitude.


There are many forms and the number of movements vary and the length of time to practice them and learn them.

Below are the forms that Gerard knows and can teach.

Short Yang forms can be learned in half a year and take 10 min. to do
For example Yang Family short form

Long forms 
They can take up to one year to learn and take 20 to 30 min to do.

Yang Family 86 New form

Wu form 108

Chen form


Dao broad sword

Dao fast cutlass

Xiang Long sword

Fan Form

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