Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Update Sumie workshop Payment options

Sumi E Workshop 
A  Introduction to Sumie Term
Sat 21 / Feb 2015         
Time 1300 – 17.30

Payment options and instructions
          1 Click the RH column here to find the sumie enrolment Name/email/mob/class
          2 Email it to
          3 Pay the fee ( see below how)

Cost $65
          postal order to
G. Menzel C/O Carisbrook GPO 3464 Vic

or Payment to 
Gerard Menzel
Bendigo bank
633 000 128569274

Booking Confirmation and listing
Please notify me by email / SMS when the money is deposited on; 

0407734479 or

Go to my website and view the information and videos there to prepare yourself for the class.
If you wish to purchase Sumie materials Brushes inks etc for later use at the class let me know.
I will source a kit for you which I will send info on if you ask me. I will put it up on my blog

New classes 2015 Ongoing class proposed after the workshop

Preferred day
Please think about your preferred day for an ongoing class and I will try to accommodate.

for example morning / afternoon / evening and what day

I look forward to seeing you soon

Gerard Menzel

Booked / Paid students for 21/2/15

  1. Sam Grumont
  2. Paula Mackie  
  3. Leah Mow Yoffee
  4. Ross Vroland
  5. Sophie dessens
  6. Lurlene salmon