Sunday, 24 June 2012

SALE; Sumie Cards

Sumi Cards for sale
Packs of 10 or more ;
                               small $25     ;         plus post + GST

                               large $37.50      ;    plus post + GST 

Individual cards
$3.20 small            $4.50 large

small envelope 23x10cm   @   $2.50 each plus GST

large half A4 21x15cm   @     $3.75 each plus GST

prices for cards

10% discount Minimum purchase $30

20% discount Minimum purchase $50

Paper types

210GSM white
150 GSM marble
100 GSM white textured (very soft and light feel)
100 GSM parchment (clear crisp soft and light)

How to order
Go to
Copy and paste the order form into an email. Or Phone 0407734479 or Mail (ring for details)
I will send you a confirmation with the final package and postage cost in an invoice.
Payment options;

Pay into my bank account after I send you the invoice by email usually (or post)

Australia Post Cash on delivery 

Normal Mail
Unless requested all cards are sent ordinary mail. 

Registered Mail
You have the option to Register your post which is advised as it has a tracking code.
I will send you a copy of the receipt for the mail order to you by email once it is sent.

Returns and refunds
If you are not satisfied with the product just send them back within 7 days undamaged and I will refund your money less a handling fee of $10

Order Form

Booking details.

Post address:

Note;  postage costs will be added to the total
Email form to gmenzel @  0407734479 Mob.

No of cards   
Packs of 10   

Large Cards

large half A4 21x15cm @ $4.50 each

Haiku style poetry

The Haiku poetry is a Zen literary form.
On each large card is a haiku style poem.
Usually it is 17syllable but it is best suited to Japanese.
 I have not stuck to this rule for this.

The form is characterized by minimalism and the observation of nature and the seasons.
It is a potent word picture on a "moment in time and place".

Leaping frog Haiku on rear side large card

Small cards

small envelope 23x10cm @ $3 each

small envelope 23x10cm @ $3 each

Large and Small Cards

Type; blank, expanding greeting card style

 mountainman small envelope 23x10cm @ $3 each

Haiku rear side large card

small village in mountain


Green dragon

large half A4
                                                                    Rear side Haiku

small size and large half A4

flute player

Haru's cherries with Haiku inset

Two blackbirds feasting
On his cherry tree...
Now Haru is angry!

Haru's cherries small size

Little fishing boats

Boats bobbing up and  down
Like floaters
The clunking of hulls

large half A4

small village in mountain

large half A4
                                         Silence and the distant snow
                                         Memories fade like flakes
                                         Melting Dawn

Postcard style
Details; Picture on the front and empty on the back 

Postcard type