Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Sumie Workshop Castlemaine Creative Artists

On October 4th I was invited to do a workshop for the local artists of Castlemaine Vic. The focus I chose was unity and non duality. The venue was the local golf club.

The day went smoothly with 3 segments to it
1 Painting
2 Talk on Sumie
3 Meditation session on Non Duality

The artists responded very well to the days proceedings and jumped right into the breach from the word go. Being artists already helped immensely as many hurdles to creativity and expectations had been already crossed on a personal level. Many attending were long time artists with creative ability.

During the Practice we looked at Spring and the plum tree as a focus after warming up with bamboo strokes.

The talk looked at the origins, benefits and goals of Sumie.

Meditation on Non duality
As enlightenment and consists of a non dualistic mind I focused a meditation on observing the breath and parts of our body energy centres with the view to breaking down barriers to openness to the world caused by attachments to our ego and self identification.

Here are some of the participants paintings