Monday, 16 January 2017

Consciousness and awakening

 Speakers Rick Archer and Shunyamurti from Buddha at the Gas pump

A description of ;

* awakening
* illumination
* enlightenment

Nowadays it has become fashionable to say you are enlightened or have reached some sort of realization. This is due to the  the commercialization of yoga all over the world.

In the past one would never pronounce ones positioning spiritually because it would have been seen as a self promotion.

I go with this maxim, if somebody is telling you they have reached a goal then they probably have a bit more to go.

If you can feel somebody is 'beyond the shore' your either pretty close or there too. If you have to think first then your definitively still got some work to do.

Realization is not something that is easy to put into words by its very nature because words are only a description of something not the real product itself. In the decryption of the word and the reality then lots get lost in mental translation.

Reality ought to be felt from the full body, gut, heart and spiritual self.

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