Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Bhakti Yoga devotional bajaan - Hari Krishna Hari Rama

The heart of Yoga

Devotional Bhakti yoga is the path of love and compassion.

The practice of Bhakti yoga is reflected by the direct opening of the heart in devotional practices as ;

  • Darshan prostration and prayer in front of a deity, in this case Krishna 
  • The singing of bajaan songs in devotion to the deity.
  • Dancing in joyous ecstasy  to the deity. 
To practice bhakti yoga find a quiet place and chant the mantra / bajaan or join with some other people and sing together.

If you have an image of the Deity that image is imagined as the real God or Godess and you open your heart to the loving energy of the deity. The aim is for that deity and you to become one as a flow of love flows from the manifestation of the centre of that isht or image. This sparks off the loving devotion of the devotee's heartfelt feelings. Thus the circle of love is completed.

The final stage of this devotion is Samadhi enlightenment as the deity and the bhakta  become one.

This style of yoga bypasses the mind and powerfully ignites the heart chakra.

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