Sunday, 15 January 2017

Tai Chi and the Fan form

This Fan form was studied in 1982 from Sifu in New Park Taipei. I was studying with Master Wong and in the evening and Sifu from New Park by day with Rudy and Ria from the Netherlands.

Sifu had this most amazing warmth and an infectious smile.

Each morning we would meet in the New Park in Taipei where all types of Tai Chi and Kung Fu and Chi Gong players would be. There was an elderly lady who was very adept who practiced with us and with sifu. She was steely and really fit yet well into her 70's.

Sometimes other old players would come and do push hands with our teacher and laugh and talk the Tao, sharing theories and tai chi moves endlessly.

Tua sho is a 2 person exercise for feeling chi and learning how to centre oneself and move chi.

Each day this older tai chi player would practice with us relentlessly. She was fiery and tough.

The fan was used as a weapon in old times and carried by women as well as men. It was made of steel as a weapon but even a bamboo fan is deadly when studied and understood.

This form has a Kung Fu quality to it with lots of kicks and turns.

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