Thursday, 15 December 2016

Padmasambhava and Tibetan Yogis

Guru rimpoche Padma Sambhava

Some years ago I lived in India in Dharamsala before it became a great tourist centre 1982 around and I was studying tabla with guruji Dhasbandu Sharma and taking lectures at the Tibetan library and trying to learn Tibetan language.

It was a great time in my life and many things happened.
I had a little routine going, Tai Chi practice in the Himalayan foothills, Tabla lesson Tibetab Buddhist lecture then Lunch in the Dharamsala upside streets ( usually parathas like an indian style pizza or a veg pancake fritter)

On the off days I would go for a walk in the hills above the tree line almost where I could see Triund mountain, the highest place around. The beautiful mountain pines like old sages talking to me along the rocky tracks.  Often I would drop into an old Tibetan womans shack where she sold sly tibtean jung or barley beer.  Whooo!!!!! that stuff packed a punch and was like jet fuel for the walk.

Later in 2006 after working in Saudi Arabia I took some time to visit Darjeeling again 30 years after I had been there before and I managed to stay at the YHA on the hill for some of the time just like my first visit.  I met the manager who was still the same guy and the place was still as sparse and hadnt had a coat of paint since I was there in '82.

In Sikkim I went to Gangtok and then east and north to the Chinese border for a day then went inland to a few monasterys in particular Pemayangste. Some of the tantric tanka paintings were breathtakingly beautiful.

You have to walk up the mountain to get to Pemayangste but its etheric when you arrive. There is a specia; feeling in the air there that only walkers and dharma bums experience.

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