Tuesday, 13 December 2016

kali Durgah Namo Namah

Kali Durga Namo Namah

Kali is the female side of shiva or incarnation.

She destroys and rebuilds so is life and death.
She carries many skulls and weapons to destroy the evil in the self and universe. 

She is worshiped by the Tantric Aghori's (see http://www.drsvoboda.com/about/books/... in Calcutta where her Ghat on the Ganges is.

The city is named after her. Kalikat or (grounds of Kali) and was set up and land bought by the British East India Co. for trading.

In the tradition of yoga some yogis say they can be infused with here spirit and become Kali. The "Ma" Amrita anandamay Ma is one of them. http://www.amritapuri.org/  

 She sings and has special puja where she becomes Kali as it were so her followers believe.

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