Sunday, 12 February 2017

Wild Lotus Arts & Healing Gerard Menzel

On the road to Now and Nowhere

This short biography will help you trace the origins of an artist in pursuit of understanding in the world, contentment and beauty.

For all those who wish to follow their inner inclinations, their wild dreams that others may find absurd, obscure or outright dangerous.....I wholeheartedly nod my head to you. "Life is short so make it as sweet as she goes."  For when you engage with something with passion time and place and you are no more. Meditation as an exercise no longer needs to be sought nor even spoken about.

On my travels I have gone through a handfull of passports never once thinking of securing a future via the financial route but always having more than enough in life to be happy. I follow the adage of E.F Schumacher, "Small is beautiful" and since a long time ago have tried to live his "Buddhist economics."

As my mentor and teacher Andre Sollier said..." an artist as a spiritual seeker just keeps exploring, enquiringand looking on and on til the last breath."  Yes and never let answers get in the way eh!

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