Sunday, 12 March 2017

Radhe Govinda Bajaan ; Full @ Kirtan Caravanserai The Forge 3 2017

Mirabai a Rajput princess was a ecstatic bhakta, a  Krishna devotee and saint in Hinduism. She was bethrothed to a powerful Local Prince but refused her husband Rana Bhohjraj of Sisodia. She said she was married to Krishna already and despite attempts to assasinate her she remained loyal to Krishna until they finally banished her.  Finally after later living in her parents kingdom which was under seige she went to Vrindavan the home of Krishna where she passed away in the Dwarka temple.

Born1498, Kudki, India
Full nameMeera
SpouseBhoj Raj (m. 1516–1521)

This bajaan is devoted to Krishna.
Radha - krishna's consort 
Gopal- (gopi femminine) cow herder or follower of Krishna the supreme Gopala
A follower / Gopi of Krishna embodies unconditional love.

This is a longer version of the First Kirtan Caravanserai at the Forge.

Musicians Gerard Chrissy Tony and Toby

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