Friday, 17 March 2017

Bhakti Love and the power of the realized

Sometimes you get a podcast or a conversation that stops you in your tracks and you think and think over and over what was said for days and months, not all the time but quietly at the back of your mind.

I was listening to Tapestry on CBC radio and heard Krishna Das a devotee of Neem Keroli Baba. Ram Das was his student too and wrote a very nice book of  stories from the followers  "The Miracle of Love'.

Miracle of Love; PDF

I had read this book whilst in Rishikesh in the 1990's in an ashram by the Ganges and was transfixed by the stories in it of how peoples lives were swept away and healed by the wizardry of Baba.

This podcast by Krishna Das is one such journey and all I can say is that I know how this magic works as it also shaped me and my amazing journey through life after I met my teacher 'Maharaj'.
Life will never be athe same again when one surrenders to the power of love.

Podcast of Krishna Dass


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