Sunday, 12 August 2012

Framed Sumie. How to mount paintings

Mounting oriental brush paintings is a time consuming job and needs a lot of practice to get it correct. Having said that even the best days have their less than perfect jobs.  This is due to the fragile nature of the rice paper and the fact that air bubbles can get under the or between the mounting card paper and the rice paper and are difficult to remove sometimes.  However there are some tricks to it.

Here is a demonstration of the basics of framing.

This is the traditional way to back a painting. I have always done mine like this.

Variations in papers and glue

The only variation I have used is in the backing papers.

Usually my teacher suggested watercolor paper which is thick and stiff.

Over the years I found that wallpaper backing paper was very useful and also because it had a mould resistant element in the glue, however nowadays it is not easy to find.

The other element is the glue which I usually mixed myself using wall paper glue found at a paint shop.  This has a mould inhibitor as well usually in it.

The other kind of glue you can use is the aerosol kind found in art shops.

This is a video of another style of framing called dry mounting using silicone backed paper.

This technique can be traced to this URL ; Blue Heron Arts  and here Blue Heron arts dry mounting rice paper

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