Sunday, 5 August 2012

Maharaj on the BBC then ABC Encounter 1996

  mp3 Audio Click here : Baba Virsah Singh  to listen via

file size 22 megabites length 25 min.

You can hear the BBC documentary on how the teachings and insights of Baba Virsah helped people transform their lives via farming and spiritual ideas.

The Farm in action powered by all the peoples love 

This recording was first mad by David Craig from the BBC in 1986 then replayed on ABC radio Encounter.

It is called "The Desert Shall Blossom!

It tells how one can farm using the intuition of love and later how people were helped and transformed by Baba Virsah Singh into transforming their minds with love as the heart.

For more on Baba and his life go to

The story says it all just sit back and listen.

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