Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Baba Virsa Singh

Looking for the way- Wandering youth or spiritual struggle

The 70’s and 80’s were a period of extremes. People in the west were affected by the two significant arenas; 1. the Vietnam war and 2, the Peace movement emanating out of the 60’s. As a result I hated the images and aftermath of war as a young teenager in the 60’s and later at university yearned for a more emotional and spiritually satisfying way to live.  This story is about a man who entered my life when I was not expecting it.  It seems all like a dream now, some years after he left this world we humans call earth.  

His name was Baba Virsa Singh, (or "Maharaj" Great King to his followers) a Sikh by birth from a small town in the Punjab (Sarawan Bodla 363klms NW of Delhi) who was for all intents and purposes illiterate. Despite this he was able to infuse people about him with the spirit of love and kindness as well as heal the emotional mental and physical being. Those who were able to meet him were surely blessed by some sacred karma beyond their dreams.  I am forever indebted to his love.

This is an extract from a book I am writing on my time with Baba from 1991 to 2007 when he died. 
See www.gobindsadan.org for more on his spiritual community called "The Farm"

Here is Babaji's mantra


This is the principal mantra from Baba Virsah Singh to his followers.


Translation; One God whose name is truth , unspeakably wonderful Master of both light and darkness.  See Gobindsadan.org for more.

Music, tabla and harmonium by Gerard Menzel
Please contact Gerard Menzel for any reason you wish to copy and reuse this music.

The fire is called a 'haven' where the mantras and prayers are sung and recited by.

This mantra used daily throughout your life will make ones soul peaceful.

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