Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Materials for new students

Sumie materials
sumi - ink,  fude - brush, Kami - paper,  suzuri - ink stone 


Brush - Fude
We use goat hair brushes called calligraphy brush length 23 to 26 cm from tip of hair to top of handle Medium to larger

Ink - Sumi 
Sumi stick, a solid block of ink about 10cm long x 2cm wide

A small miniature saucer 
This is for mixing the ink. I use the small soy sauce saucers 8cm to 10cm across available at any Chinese grocery for about 80cents each

Paper - Kami
A4 or A3 butchers paper / newsprint reams available at art shops or butchers shops over the counter. For advanced students rice paper is needed.

Paper tissue towel used in kitchens for absorbing water from the brush drying hands alternatively use and absorbent cloth like cotton.

Water containers - Misukashi
1 glass jar 250 ml volume size

One Felt Cloth to put under your painting paper, size A3

Where to purchase equipment?

Ask your teacher when you book 04077344479 Most art shops can order materials.

Information links
See video of materials here

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