Saturday, 4 July 2009

Devouring winter


The pot belly crackles

Idli's steaming in bamboo

Raindrops shatter the window


Note idli is a South Indian steamed rice ball, so easy to make and so yummy.  The Zen of India is so profound.  The culture is so Zen it has not even thought of the word there.  It just is.

Idly reminds me of my time in Madras with Govinda Narayan and Madhu Sudhinan a la …percussion ensemble Shruti laya Dr Kerakudi Ayer.

Govinda is a fantastic mrdingam player and he took me into his home to meet his mum a professor and their grandfather who is certainly passed now.  It was a small house right off the main Poonamally High rd but it was so peaceful and calm.  Daily we would talk about music and stuff and there was never enough time given.  There was never any rush or questions asked.  At other times he would take me out to little bars and chat over a beer in secluded parts of Madras.  Often he would be away performing with musicians.  I found Madhu so warm and charming too who took me into his home and gave me private lessons.  His whole family became mine. If you go to my website there is a picture of Madhu there, a great tabla and mrdingam player too.

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  1. red hot pepper -
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    aaa, the Indian Curry ...