Monday, 6 July 2009


Bajaans are devotional songs dedicated usually to a deity in Hinduism. They are based on the belief that sounds and words have the ability to transform energy. Bajaans are sung usually in a group setting or satsang.

Here is a link to one bajaan by Krishna Das a devotee of Neem Kiroli Baba a famous Hanuman guru with a wonderful reputation in India made famous in the west by Ram Das another devotee. His book, Miracle of Love is a must read.

Bhakti is love and bajaan is the vehicle for bhakti.

This bajaan is on Durgha Ma an incarnation of the Mother Goddess who protects all. She rides a tiger and embodies the protective mother quality. Go here for more;

Satsang (A simple definition of satsang is devotional speech and chanting programs for the upliftment of the divine love consciousness of a devotee.)see

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