Thursday, 7 February 2019

Spiritual songs under the oak tree Fryers Forest community 2.2.19

Sunday 2 Febuary the Fryerstown community had a spiritual music acapella meet under an oak tree by the dam.  Kavisha Mazzella, Nick  Lyon and I played to the sounds of the bush in the background. 

Sometimes little events just seem like well,  this is heaven,  here and now.  Thanks to Kavisha P Mazella and Nicholas Lyon.  

The local Fryerstown community were enthusiastic singers, some very new to this style but one would never have known by their passion. The energy was satvic in flavour, that is full of love and devotion. 
(in Sankhya and Vedantic philosophy) one of the three qualities of prakriti, or nature, which are 
passion (rajas) dullnessor inertia (tamas) and goodness or purity (sattva) .1


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