Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Spirituality Music and bajaans workshop

Ravi Shandar & George Harrison

Spirituality Music Devotional Bajaans 
1st Sunday of Month 14.00-1530

Where; The Forge Yoga 341 Barker st Castlemaine

 Gerard 0407734479   Cost $15 / $12  When;May to October (6 times)

How to enrol Go to wildlotus-arts.blogspot.com.au Fill in the form
Mob 0407734479  Co ordinator Gerard Menzel Yoga teacher and Tabla player

The workshop will be an exploratory one looking at the way sound “Nada”and Yoga work as a spiritual force and we look at the theoretical and practical ways music works as a powerful spiritual practice. We will also try to have guest musicians /Yoginis etc in the different areas and will you inform monthly.

This will be the first of a series of 6 planned if interest is shown

Areas of study will include

Prana breathing

Deities, shakti
Harmonium, Tabla
bajaans types and devotion
Bhakti tradition
Guru lineages
Surrender in yoga
Ghandharvas & music high spirits
Gurus & historic masters; Mira Bai, Thyagaraja,Tansen
Music instruments
tradition & culture
The Nada music path and tradition
Indian tones Sa Ra Ga Ma Pa....
Healing with sound
Liberation of the mind
Vibration theory
The Kirtan as Yoga
The ego’s liberation

Who and why?  If your interested in yoga and meditation and also love music and the wish to further enter the bhakti tradition of song, music and meditation join in.

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