Thursday, 22 October 2015

Sumie workshop Notes

Dear Students

Here is some information for the Sumi-E workshop coming up.

This information can be generally used for classes also where applicable.

Although Zen painting is free from strict rules, hard and fast regulations there are some things that we can observe in the class.

Students work quietly in a non competitive atmosphere.
Sumie is a meditative practice which encourages stillness and reflection.
Sumie takes time to work into your heart and soul, patiently cultivate over unlimited time.

Enrolment Conditions and Liability 

As a matter of course by enrolling in any class you automatically have agreed to the terms and conditions of Wild Lotus Arts courses. Read the conditions and liability on this blog.

What to bring with you
Glass jar water bowl
Absorbent rag to mop brush and ink
Wear loose clothing
In classes we use newsprint paper for beginning then move to rice paper. Paper is for sale.
A cushion optional

Bring your lunch to the workshop
Tea will be available

With a new brush you must soak it in water first for 5min
Wash you brush out in cold water after painting

Often but not always we play a video at the workshop

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