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Zen Brush Painting
An Introduction
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Level Beginners
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$110 two days 
$55 one day
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Workshops with Gerard Menzel artist

Booking  0407734479               

Sumie is a beautiful way to paint nature and the world in all its beauty & grace as we see the world in a different light.Chan Buddhism from China travelled to Japan in the 13 C. Sumie is a discipline made famous by the Zen monks in Japan who painted in order to train their minds in observation, patience & art technique.

The art requires a change of perspective and philosophy in order to see the world in the Zen way.  In Zen nature and humanity is one, joined by the same elements of water, wood, fire etc...and in the painting process we join with nature to express the very essence of the world in a minimalist fashion.

Therefore, a reflective quietened mind which leads to a peaceful heart and spirit is, The Way of Zen Sumie.  Rice paper, a brush and monochrome black ink art the simple tools.
Learn to concentrate and relax. Find a lifelong discipline for the soul and discover natures essence called Chi from a respected artist. 

Teacher: Gerard a Tai Chi and Aikido teacher with a Masters in Asia studies brings to each student a rich background & perspective from Asia where he has studied and lived.  Gerard has toured schools, been Artist in residence in Vic and SA colleges/schools taught in Adult education and exhibited widely.He has worked and toured all over Asia and lived in Japan.

Time 12.00 to 4.30           

Pre Booked 2 day $110  Sat 1 day $55 

Materials provided for $5 per day or BYO          Pay at the door $70 per day
Program includes; Sumie practical art videos/discussion     
Book by email from  0407734479 Gerard Menzel

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Non booked students are not discounted and pay $70 a day

Bring the EXACT amount on the day in an envelope with your name on it.  


Student notes 

These notes and others may be used as a guide to the class.

Feel free to copy them and take them with you to the class.

They are a guide only.

If you do not bring them with you that is not a problem.

They class will go on in a spontaneous way sometimes with these and with other notes and resources including videos when possible.

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