Monday, 8 October 2012

Sumie is Zen at play

Why Sumie is perfect play for children.

Whilst I use children as a group I do know there will be exceptions and this is a generalization.

  • Children have an open an inquisitive mind.
  • Children are free spirited and this is encouraged in Zen while there is a disciplined framework that everyone has to work within too.
  • Children naturally want to blend with nature which is the source of sumie as observation.
  • Art is something that they feel they can do and are not usually inhibited.
  • They like things that they just do but don't always have to learn or be taught.
  • Sumie is an active physical as well as mental art (observation and brush skills) suitable for kids relaxation and attentiveness.  It has a good blend of the two.
  • Kids love to do something and show others and be proud of their achievements.

Here are some of the images children work on.

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