Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Yoga Training

Training to be a yoga teacher is not necessarily a ticket of a real teacher.  Like tea they are all black but the taste varies greatly.

None of the great gurus in India ever did a Yoga certificate but they did train usually with a good Yoga Guru.  the master shisha relationship is as important as it is ancient.

I began my interest in Siddha Yoga with the Shaivite tradition of chanting and first met Muktananda in Gore st Collingwood back in the 1980's when he was on visit where I received shaktipath.

It was a life changing moment where I felt the power of prana awaken my body and mind.  I tell the full story in detail in a book I am writing on my Yoga travels in India over the years.  Being a martial artist I was aware or Yoga but more into the mental and music aspects before I studied Hatha yoga under Savitri Devi from S.A.I.Y.T. Previous to this I had been studying tabla which is a form of sound (Nada) yoga since 1980 and playing in Adelaide with various India musicians. Go to the tabla area of the blog to listen to some of my music friends.

In 1990 I was studying tabla with Nayan Gosh a well known tabla player in Bombay, son of the famous Nikil Gosh who trained under the  legendary Amidjan Thirakwa who was the maestro of tabla.

Then I spent a month in the Ganeshpuri ashram teaching tabla and studying yoga where Gurumaya chidvilasananda was the guru.  The most notable memory was visiting the local village and temple of Baba Nityananda who was Muktananda's teacher.

Shortly after this I met my true teacher Baba Virsah Singh who showed me the path to love.  This one event was the most precious time in my life and my spiritual karma was blessed.  I can say that without Baba and his blessing I would not be the preson I am today, nor would I have the outlook on life I have now.  To find your true guru is a blessing from heaven.  It took me from 1978 when I first went to India and numerous trips all about the country to 1990 to find him.

Yoga diploma from SAIYT

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