Thursday, 12 July 2012

Comments by teachers, students, the Press

Principals comments on Artist in schools success

It reads; 
The children benefited from seeing an artist at work and from working alongside him.
......"Gerard conducted a whole school music assembly and held the attention of students for an hour, playing and teaching students about music and other cultures.

The programe was indeed "a many splendid thing". It helped to break down the barriers of prejudice that is born of ignorance and fear as well as providing an enriching art experience." 

students say thank you

Birdwood PS Teacher Janine Lamey

It reads; "The children were totally involved in their painting. Most were able to experience new techniques and ways of using the brush and ink. All children gained a sense of satisfaction and achievement."

Seaview High S.A.

Greenoch Artist in schools

The Artist and students experience

Extract from above;

Parents were invited to join the sessions as a way of involving them in the new project, moulding a closer bond with the school processes, and bringing them closer to the needs of their children. was a chance for the staff to exchange with the parents and develop a rapport.

Culture and learning is fun (S.A community Arts magazine)
Extract from the article above;

The students were able to learn about another cultureand broaden their horizens and break down any barriers towards another nation and its art forms.

Their work was a tribute to their(students) spirit and the fullness of their 'relentless search for Zen in their art.'

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