Friday, 10 February 2012

Mes Aynak ancient Buddhist site

This beautiful site of Buddhism is under threat from the state owned  China Metallurgical Group.

Back in 1978 I was fortunate to visit Bamian for a few days and wandered up and down the Bamian valley walking through ancient Buddhist structures from the Kushian period.  Little did I comprehend the magnitude of my naive sojourn.  After the religious fanatics bombed the ancient statued my heart was struck like it was wounded by an arrow.

Now the Mes Aynak site is under threat from the Chinese hungry dragon of progress and control CCP.

Take a look at this breathtaking site before it is strip mined. One just has to look at the lines in the statues and see that the people back in those times were refined and sensitive people.  Oh how brutal the world has become.  Just to sit beside a statue of these Buddha's is a teaching in itself.

Copper mining on ancient site
Mes Aynak is about 25 klms from Kabul in the Logar province.  It was used in ancient Buddhist times to mine copper and now the Chinese are coming to wholesale mine.

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