Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Yoga means Union & Mantra is sacred sound

Hatha Yoga

Private classes and groups
Payment  Private lesson $60 for 2 persons
Cost $15 / $12 per class

Contact me with your expression of interest

This is suitable for new students. It is a general hatha yoga class.

A minimum group of 6 needed. I will ring or email to discuss further.

It will focus on the general yoga principles including asana, pranayama, bundha, meditation.

See my general attitude plus my teachers concepts at

How To enrol.
Send an email to me with your contact details or phone.
Read the liability conditions here
Read the indemnity and liability form on this site then fill it in and print in off and email or give it to me at the class.

Mantra or Naam in Punjabi

We will use this mantra to cool our mind and create a state of calm so practice it in your Yoga time.


Ek Onkar Sat Nam Sirre Wahe Guru

Translation and meaning;
one world Truth is its name praise the dispeller of darkness

Baba Virsah Sing passed away on 25.12.07
His students would assemble in a beautiful garden with flowers,trees,lawns and ponds near his residence and often listen to his teachings in the warm evenings at Gobind Sadan South of Delhi. Here is a clip of one of those precious moments that one can only dream of when onemeets and is touched by an enlightened being, one of the rare opportunities one has in ones karmic cycle of birth and rebirth.

Baba was a totally selfless being whose one goal was to teach love and give love.
The stories of his positive interventions in thousands of peoples loves are endless. Although he has left his body his power is still available to those who can focus on his love just by giving love to him and love to the whole of creation.

Here is the Nam or mantra.

Tabla, harmonium and vocals Gerard Menzel Copyright

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