Tuesday, 28 April 2009

2. Yin and Yang

Yin and yang are the two forces of the universe in change and motion. They are the creation of the void. In this world of change and phenomena these two mutual forces interact to make change. In sumie these forces are worked with in the form of black ink and the white paper.

Although black is the opposite of white one would not exist without the other so they are interdependent and exist within the relativity of our universe. In sumie we are encouraged to use our imagination to feel and see colour within the painting. For example if we paint a rose the petals are often done with a light grey color so when we look at the art our mind imagines a colour. The symbolism of black and white in sumie relates to Zen and the above forementioned relativity of life in all its forms.

When we see the truth of this relativity then we touch on the heart of Zen and road to realization. This philosophy of the Tao Yin and Yang is accepted by Buddhists, Taoists alike with few differences of nuance. If we accept that Yin and Yang exist then although the world appears to be dualistic in reality it can not be within the relativity of Tao. For example if love exists also hate will exist. If movement exists then stillness will follow. The point to remember is that one is interdependent not exclusive of the other. This brings our mind to the point of unity within the Void or Sunya. Any differences / contrasts within our universe are relative and subject to change and time. This knowledge allows us to have a very Big mind, a mind which embraces everything. It also shows us the way to moderation and the middle way.

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