Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Sumie classes Enrol for next term

Sumi E; Japanese Zen Brush Painting

Student Expressions of interest; please call or email Gerard

Time ; Thur 9.30 to 11.30 and Sat 10.15 -12
Course; 6 weeks
Cost ; $120 all materials included  or $16 a class BYO materials $96

@ RADMAC  Ballarat

Updated Feb 2013
Start - to be announced

Fill in the form here and send to 7 days before the class

Sumi means ink and E is picture. It was bought to Japan from China

It is fun and simple to learn the basic steps then it is undertaken as a daily ritual to centre the mind, rid one of distraction and develop spiritual calm.

Sumie is very free and informal and leads to better visualization abilities, an appreciation of nature and a quiet tranquil space where the spirit can dwell. The practice of painting is meditation in action.

The few materials are a brush, ink stone (suzuri) Sumi ink stick, rice paper, and water. The essential form of a flower, bird, landscape or person is captured in the moment as an expression of Zen. Sumie is the attempt to capture momentarily the essence of nature.

Tutor; Gerard Menzel; is an Asia Arts specialist who has exhibited and taught in Australia and Europe. He has taught in schools and adult education for 20 years as an artist. His teacher was the Andre Sollier of Satsuma Dojo.

Contact / booking  Mob 0407734479

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