Friday, 31 July 2009

The Earth Mother and You

What on EARTH are YOU doing?
Spirituality and the Earth.
Workshops to be in the future
With Gerard Menzel

Note Tuition will be 4 hours.The last hour of the class will be a talk and discussion over coffee/tea at an appropriate coffee shop to be announced.
Cost $55 / 45con each day or $30 per 2 hour block
Pre Book Ph 0407734479 email
Send your name in an email with a mobile number and pay on the day
Payment time 11.45 Workshops start at 1200
Discount; Go to both workshops for $99 / $80con
What to bring; mat, blanket, tea, biscuits,
The focus of the workshops will to discover how both arts teach us to know the environment about us and to become united with it. We will look at ways that Yoga and Tai Chi help us to slow down and listen to the Earth within us and all around us.
As we know the Earth is in crisis at the moment and this reflects the crisis of our world society which is imbalanced.
Tai Chi shows us like Yoga that balance of the forces of Yang and Yin is the key to health. To heal our planet we must also heal our body and mind at the same time. In our own small way we can learn to have vibrant and peaceful life force called chi or prana.
The classes will focus on our unity and connection with Earth.
  • Some topics covered will include
  • Change and flow
  • Connection to earth
  • The Centre as Self
  • Compassion and the Earth Mother
  • Time and the seasons
Gerard Menzel has taught Asia Arts for over 20 years.
He is based in Vic. Gerard has studied Yoga in India, Tai Chi in China and Aikido in Japan. He started to Teach Tai Chi in 1986 and Founded the Tai Chi Assoc of SA. Go to and http;//

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