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Guru Gita devotion to the teacher

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The Guru Gita is a prayer to the Guru (the dispeller of darkness) and I came across this beautiful text while studying Siddha Yoga or Kashmir Shaivism in the 1980's. The late Guru Baba Nityananda lived in a beautiful village ashram at Ganeshpuri outside of Bombay.

The Guru Gita tell one of the powers of the Guru and the way the Shishya or student ought to approach the relationship with him/her.

listen to it here: http://www.spiritual-happiness.com/gurugita.html

Here is a link to Nityananda and his lineage


There is one story of when a cobra came and visited Baba while he was meditating. the cobra rose in front of Baba and just stayed locked eye to eye for hours and hours being immersed in Babas Shakti or pranic energy. The cobra is revered in India and represents Shiva for it was Lord Shiva who drank the poison of the world and turned blue as a result. He is depicted often with a snake around him or nearby.

One view of why shiva wears a cobra around his neck is this;

Shiva wears a snake coiled around his upper arms and neck symbolizing the power he has over the most deadly of creatures. Snakes are also used to symbolize the Hindu dogma of reincarnation. Their natural process of molting or shedding their skin is symbolic of the human souls transmigration of bodies from one life to another.
see http://www.lotussculpture.com/shiva1.htm

Here is the text for you to read:

GURU GITA Translated


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