Friday, 23 November 2012

Exhibition Sumie

This was my first exhibition in Adelaide after returning from Switzerland in the late 1990's.

I held it in a little Indian dance studio in Tranmere.

It was lots of fun but as usual a lot of work.

Being an artist of a rare or foreign form or art is also linked to educating the public as to the art itself.

I was the only person in Adelaide exhibiting Sumi-E at the time.

Later I taught in the WEA Workers Education Association which went a long way in publicizing the artform.

I always got support from Arts SA and CARCLEW where I did a lot of school related activities including touring in schools and workshops.

Exhibition; Sumie ; "Serenity is not a Raging Bull"

This exhibition was held in my Grote st studio near Whitmore square in the 1990's.

We had a number of things going there including Aikido and healing classes and therapy.

The background beginning is one of the Balinese massage classes.

Some flower arrangements were kindly done by Marjorie Bromilow from Adelaide who was gracious enough to often help out through kindness.

This is the invitation from the exhibition.