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Sophia Myth Power and Myth 101


Power and Shamanism 

Uniting Gnosis and Shamanism (Part 3) – Questions and answers



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Sophia Myth explains ET Aliens

Archons, Zaddockeans  and the chosen ones / elite 

Predictive Programming


Friday, 29 April 2022

Sophia's Correction and the Hans Carlson story Sweden


Hans Carlsson ; is a student of the Gnostic tradition and tells his story on his inner story from Osho to fleeing Scientology psychopaths.

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Archons (human cousins in the planetary heavens

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1.Excerpt From Hans Carlson's Swedish website


1. Dear friend, what I will convey here is entirely a subjective and personal "truth" and I do not ask that you believe in what I say, but that you respect me and understand what it is I am trying to convey.

The reason for my decision to come forward in public is to tell you about my extraordinary experiences and their importance for myself, and hopefully also for the world at large.

To emphasize this, I quote the following from the Indian guru Osho (also known as Rajneesh):
To be in relationship with truth or the Earth Goddess is to be spiritual. Remember, to be in relationship -- not to talk about spirituality, not to follow a certain creed, dogma, church, but to be in direct immediate relationship with existence is spirituality. To be in tune with the whole, to feel the harmony and the joy and the sheer celebration of being here, that is spirituality.

It has nothing to do with going to the church or the temple, it has nothing to do with reciting the Koran or The Bible or the Gita. It has nothing to do with any kind of worship ritual, it has something to do with communion -- communion with the trees, communion with the stars, communion with the rivers, communion with all that is. It is communion with this multidimensional expression of the Earth Goddess, it is having a dialogue with the whole. The quality of mad love is needed, then you are spiritual. Spirituality is not a head trip; it is a heart-to-heart dialogue, and ultimately a being-to-being dialogue.
Let us return to the 1970’s. At that time I was a 30-year-old 'lost' man who sought answers to the eternal questions.

  • Who am I?
  • Where do I come from?
  • Why am I here and what is the meaning of life? etc., etc.
  1. One led to the next and during the early 70’s I was a vegetarian and meditated daily for three years according to instructions from an organization called "Divine Light Mission", but that mission does not exist anymore. One evening when I was about to go home and found myself in the toilet, the entire space began to shine with a golden light. The light became so intense that I was forced to block it. Later, when I entered the subway, the entire metro station began to brighten up with the same golden light as when I got in to the toilet. I felt like I would lose myself in that light and I had to block it again. From that moment I have not seen that light anymore…

  2. The next experience (a couple of months later) is as follows: I am sitting in my bathtub and sending out love for the planet and for mankind. I do this with intense heart-feeling for about half an hour. Then I go to bed and within 5 minutes I experienced a detonation in my head – it was as if an atomic bomb exploded in the middle of the skull and gave echo throughout the Galaxy – I floated around in the void and knew everything there is to know…
  3. Some time after this event (maybe 1975) I lie in my bed and suddenly hear "music" in my head. The music can be likened to the harmony of the spheres and turned into a form of tonality and became very loud and intense. It started swirling and communicating with me and I responded with exactly the same swirling tonality. It was wonderfully beautiful and the tonality had a kind of "personality" that stretched beyond the solar system. I was it and it was me for maybe 5 minutes... It is simply too beautiful to express in words... Perhaps poetry is coming closer.
As you might imagine, I was rather confused after these experiences and which in itself resulted in an intense willingness to love and save the planet. I therefore made myself the victim of a "rescue-planet-organization" that calls itself Scientology and it was therefore a simple match for them to enlist me on the pretext that the planet was going under and must be saved. I allowed myself to act as a Scientologist for 20 years and during that time I learned in detail how the mind works because that is what Scientologists are experts on and which they use to manipulate people into the dedication of their crusade to gain dominion over the Planet. But like most other organizations, Scientology is hierarchical and thus attracts unethical individuals – also called Psychopaths with power cravings. Eventually I managed to free myself from their grip and here I am today and feel that I jumped out of the ashes into the fire. However, I have no ambition whatsoever to jump back into the ashes but want with this to express my insight to come from an environment characterized by brainwashing individuals into another already brainwashed environment called society.

Yes, you can be sure that I know what brainwashing – in other words indoctrination – is, what it is doing, and what we can do to correct it, but more on that later. Right now I want to keep telling you what has happened after the Scientology adventure.

The following 10-15 years are quite uninteresting for you and therefore I jump briskly to 2014 when I came in contact with an interesting gentleman named John Lamb Lash and his site It is a very comprehensive website and it requires the stubbornness of the reader/listener to get the hang of what it basically conveys. Since I am not especially intellectual, but have a great heart and a little bit of intelligence, it took quite some time before I found what I was looking for – namely John's rendition of the Gnostic narrative about the fallen goddess Sophia (whose name means wisdom ). Yes, in that situation I was stuck and I understood that I had found what I was searching for all my life and I felt a tremendous relief because I didn't need to seek anymore. The first thing I did was that I translated the entire story of the fallen goddess scenario into Swedish and started thinking about creating a website where I could pass on my translations to the Swedish public.

After extensive perusal of what John presents on his website, I eventually came into contact with his Kalika War Party and then I lit on all 8 cylinders. The information at presents the morality and method required to eliminate psychopaths and the enemies of life from our world. KWP is translated into English, Spanish, Serbian, German, Swedish, French, Italian and Polish. It is actually me who translated KWP into Swedish and it was this effort that made me have personal contact with John Lash and what later brought me to Galicia in Spain for my first (and so far only) Telestic session and that experience I convey as follows:
Telestic session, an investigation method also called "instruction from the Light", is a reconstruction of the practice used by Gnostic seers in ancient Europe. It is so far the only method on the planet that is known to have provided verifiable evidence of interactivity with the planet. The method may be used to find solutions to real practical problems, such as eradicating archontic infection, and teaching the true nature of reality to participate in the planet's deeper life processes. The method is not a secret and anyone can test it, but not everyone will succeed.

The word "Gnosis" is usually used with reference to some sort of special knowledge, which is considered "spiritual", esoteric and emphasizes issues beyond everyday life. I think of it as "direct knowledge", which means knowledge obtained directly, without any intermediary, from the local source of life on this planet, the Earth. The "Light" is the Organic Light (OL), the radiant luminosity that animates all life because it is the naked body of the Earth Goddess. This is not a belief, but a direct experience of the Telestic method.

At midsummer's eve 2016 two planetary Vision-Quest-Retreats were arranged. This is the unique rite of special experience of planetary Tantra for the "21st century aboriginals". We were eighteen participants in total, most were familiar with John Lash's work. Both retreats had several participants who experienced the Organic Light for the first time. We enjoyed moments of great beauty. Here are the words of a neophyte who, 76 years old at the time, still retains his warrior instinct and his innocent child mind:
"I came here in pure innocence and curiosity and couldn't in my wildest imagination imagine what would happen.

It was the most beautiful and meaningful experience of all my life. Now I don't have to believe anymore – I KNOW the Earth Goddess is here and can be contacted.

All of nature danced with wonderful colors and patterns before my eyes and waved at me to participate in Gaia's dance.

I wasn't clearly aware of the moon first, but when I started concentrating on the moon I saw 'Her' and she is really 'flirtatious'.
... when I saw her reflection in the moon, I felt that she was amazed when she discovered that one of her children actually saw and experienced her essence by the reflection of the Light this "luminous" child holds. 

The meeting with Her was very intense and real. Her beauty is immense and the challenge is "How much beauty can you take" And I could take pretty much, but definitely not all... "
Since then, Hans has translated John's book "Not in his Image" into Swedish, thus proving the true effect of witnessing the Organic Light by the fact that it influences how you live your life – what you accomplish, rather than what you claim about yourself.
In retrospect I have realized that the golden Light I experienced 1973 in the toilet and then in the subway could well have been the Earth Goddess Sophia who already then insisted on my attention (which I had no idea whatsoever about at the time). But the interesting thing is that Wisdom (whose name is Sophia) is symbolized by golden light (amber light).

Through the experiences I told you about above, I have come to the realization that the keynote of the universe is love – the creative power of the universe – originator or Propater – the One and Most High deity.

If it is true that the keynote is love, then you can ask yourself the question: “How can it be that we are experiencing so many problems on the planet – war, disease, poverty, crime, etc?” The, according to the Bible and many other holy books, promised paradise has obviously turned into hell on earth... and the Gnostics knew the root cause of this thousands of years ago – a knowledge that they documented in their writings and which I convey in this site...

Hans Carlsson

Source 1.

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Reclaim our World workshop


Reclaim our World ; Reset the Scam-demic
Know the Elite agenda & Rewrite Truth Build OUR  FUTURE

Term start Thur 19 May 26 May to June 2

Time Arrive 12.30 for start 12.45  (Ends 15.15)

Book by May 18 ( 20 places only)

Term I and 2  The Origins and Agenda of the Reset Fake C...... Drama

Technocrats and Globalization

The Banking Crisis Digital money Passport Control

Inflation and the Dollar debt crisis

How to protect your wealth

Media Control and Corporate Elite Power 

Fear and Psy-ops syntax media mind control, 

Mobile tech data and mining

How to protect your privacy and data 

Big Pharma Corporatization and the WHO Elite PUSH

Vaccine scam whats in the vax,  how to resist the mandates

How to detox from the shot,  Citizen law,

AI the road to Robots, 

The economy of the few and the national minimum wage the new slavery economy

Digital passports security apparatus  Citizen compliance and Credit control


The Sophianic Myth

The Elite Chosen and Zadok, Who was Melchizadek ? 

Archon energy and the dawning of psychopatic politics

1666 and the Elite sect of Zevi, 

Where Library RTC cooperative Lyons st Newstead Vic

same side as the GPO Right side coming from Castlemaine 

Cost Single session $25

Term $60 3 classes Booked by 18.5.22


Send email to with your Name Mobile and email.

Prepay options

Mobile banking using Mobile 0407734479

Direct credit Bank BSB 944600  ACC 016183975

Online via Square with credit card

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Sophianic myth Red Ice Radio

Clip from Redice radio  Link red ice

Sophia's Correction, The Archontics Control Matrix & 9/11

Comparative mythologist, author and teacher John Lash returns to the program to discuss "Sophia's Correction", Earth changes, stellar anomalies & Gaia's awakening. John Lash is a self-educated free-lance scholar who combines studies and experimental mysticism to teach directive mythology. 

An expert on sidereal mythology, naked-eye astronomy, precession, and the World Ages, he also teaches the critique of belief-systems. On his website, he presents a radical revision of Gnosticism, with original commentaries on the Nag Hammadi codices. He also presents the only complete restoration by any scholar of the Sophianic myth of the Pagan Mysteries, the sacred story of Gaia-Sophia, recounting the origin of the Earth and the human species from the galactic core. 

A number of strange phenomenon are being reported from around the world at what seems to be an increased frequency. Magnetic North is reportedly on the move and the sun rose two days early in Greenland. Some people are claiming that the sun is both rising and setting in the wrong place, others contend that the stars are displaced and the Moon is not following its normal pattern. John is with us to share his views about what is going on and why. 

In the second hour we continue discussing the steering mechanism of the Earth and Moon, as the mother ship continues on the journey home. Then, John shares his research into the Archontics control matrix and draconian manipulation. He praises the work of Dr. Judy Wood and discusses in detail how the real truth about 9/11 can be the key to unlock the prison that humanity is in.

 Later, we discuss Trimorphic Protennoia, eco-fascism, the elites' Gaia fraud, dreams, the organic light and the March 19th "supermoon". 

We end talking about the anomalies and artificial nature of our solar system. John brings up Zulu shaman Credo Mutwa and theories about the Moon being artificial.


More Sophia stories with JLL 

Sophianic Myth


Johns hint is; don't mention their name.