Saturday, 6 August 2016

Art war and humanity

My teacher Andre Sollier was a war artist in WW2 and obviously was influenced by it although he never spoke of it to me personally. He always just spoke of his art. He was a learned person and one of his satirical exhibitions in Kew Victoria was on the world politics and events.

One image which stuck in my mind was a beautiful bamboo grove obviously far away in the jungle away from a city with a solitary coke can dominating the picture.

In the videos here George Gittoes touches on war and humanity also and the role of the artist, in a way that the artist is a warrior of peace, although I hate this much used and often cheapened idea, it is nonetheless a valid concept.


The Samurai of old in Japan used Sumie as well as Haiku, Tea ceremony to sharpen their minds and make themselves fearless.  Why ? The real courage must come from within, not only how skilled in the arts of war you are.

ABC One Plus One on George Gittoes    Here George talks on the mystic and war

A look at his film the Snow Monkey

4. In Texas

5. Iraq  Exhibition 2004 No Exit @ Maquarie Uni.