Monday, 25 September 2017

Kirtan Caravanserai Terms & Conditions

By asking to play with Kirtan Caravanserai you automatically agree to the terms & conditions.

1 To apply for a place to play contact the management one month before you are available and agree to a screening process to gauge your individual suitability and musicianship.

2 The aim is not for profit but any minor profits will be collected firstly for the management and secondly the running of future events, equipment, hire, office, advertising, one off sub contractor costs and any charity chosen by the management.

3 Kirtan Caravanserai has all rights to media coverage of the venue and contents. Media will not be  forwarded for profit to a third party. Media may be used for advertising  & the internet.

4 Any dispute or disagreements will be taken to the management first by email. The aim is to  resolve them within 30 days.

5 The management may cancel an event without with notice at any time. Notification will be endeavoured via the internet,  via the wildlotus web portals,or sms

6 Musicians volunteer their practice and playing time except on agreement in special once off events.

7 Children who are uncontrolled or distruptive should be taken out to play. For the benefit of the kirtan get a friend to care for the kids while you meditate and sing.

8 By auditioning or when admitted with Kirtan Caravanserai you the musician or event worker automatically agree to the terms & conditions.


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