Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Sumie kit 2015

Painting kits available

Cost $75 with goat hair brush or
Kits with Higher grade Brushes upwards to $120 or more depending on the brush or brushes.

Brush, ink stone, ink stick, bamboo mat for brush, mat for paper, 10 sheets of paper. Newsprint plus  free complimentary Sumie printed cards by Gerard

How to order
Ph 0407734479

I can post it to you or you can pick it up.
Post approx $10

sumie Kit

Contents of $75 basic Kit

Suzuri - ink stone
sumi - ink stick
Kami - rice paper
newsprint paper
bamboo mat
felt or cloth mat
Fude - traditional goat hair  brush
Free complimentary sumie cards by Gerard 

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